Sunday, July 29, 2007

Welcome to my New Blog!

Well, I've been wanting to start a new "general purpose" blog for some time. I was originally going to have my blog at one of several Christian alternatives to MySpace, but I already have several online groups I belong to and not really time to devote to the extras that come with the networking sites. So I decided to go with just a blog. I created my home planning chronicle blog at but also looked at other blog hosts, but decided to stay with blogger (blogspot). There is a way to move one's blog to one's own site and maintain it there, so when I have time (ha ha), I will look into that...

My aforementioned home planning chronicle (which I used to think I would never have a home to chronicle) is at Now that I FINALLY am in my home after all these years (thank you, Lord), I will be wrapping up that blog after posting a few updated pictures (which has been delayed due to trying to determine whether I can get a camera I already have to do the job or have to buy another) but keep that one available for myself and others to read. I wanted a new blog to just report on everyday life as time permits, report on what I am currently crocheting, and, God willing, report on my weight loss which I MUST do something about instead of just talking about it. Hearing on Friday that my husband (8 years older and 3 inches taller than me) weighs 10 pounds less than me, though I wasn't surprised, was a wake-up call of sorts. Then that night, the lightbulb went on over my head and said, "rejoin TOPS". I did make some progress when I went there weekly several years ago, due to the accountability factor and the possibility of winning prizes, and just being around others who are likewise fighting the battle (have tried online lists but it's not the same thing). Had a nice conversation that night with a lady who heads up one of the local chapters and will be expecting me Wed. evening. Will report back on how that goes.

The only other current news, besides the pretty "keeper" afghan I'm currently working on (burgundy popcorn flowers with green leaves inside peach join as you go squares; there are 7 x 9 = 63 squares) is that I had Valisa cut my hair shorter yesterday than I've worn it in years (the home page pic depicts my usual length). I just felt it was time for a change. The pic I brought her is on, click on "ultra short" (though I don't really feel it's ULTRA short), first page, #1347. I don't know that it looks as good on the girl in the pic as on me, but we'll see what people at church and work think. Rex doesn't dislike it! Well, back to my crocheting!